Savingstar Coupons Explained!

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If you haven’t tried Savingstar yet, you are missing out! Savingstar is a load-to-card coupon program. Instead of the coupon coming off at the register, it gets deposited into this little cyber savings account for you.

Once you have $5.00 in coupons you have redeemed on qualifying products, you can trade it in for a $5.00 reward! Right now the rewards are a $5.00 Paypal Card, a $5.00 Amazon Card or a $5.00 deposit to your bank account!

Another cool thing is you can stack these rebate coupons with MF Coupons to save additional money! They could change this feature in the future, so I would say you should use it while you can! :-)

It is super easy to get started!

1. Sign up for a Savingstar account.

2. Enter your zip code to find participating stores in your area. In the Spokane/North Idaho area, our stores are Fred Meyer and Rite Aid. They have stores across the country that are participating, so be sure to check your zip code to see what stores in your area are running this program!

3. Enter the number of any of your store cards you would like the coupons to go to! Each coupon can only be used one time, but you don’t have to choose which store you want to use it at, it will just come off at whichever store you buy the product at for the first time after you load the coupon.

For instance if you have a Savingstar coupon for orange juice, and you buy the OJ at Fred Meyer, it will count as you using it there. If you go buy the same product at Rite Aid, it will still only give you the coupon rebate one time even though you bought two of the products. But it is nice that you don’t have only one card that you have to choose to load the coupon to, since the coupon will go to all of your cards that you have registered with them!

4. Click on Go To eCoupons to see what you all have available to load! I always load all of the coupons, even if I am not sure if I will use them. I actually have $15.20 saved up in my Savingstar Account now, and it’s all ┬ájust stuff that I bought not even realizing I had the coupon loaded on there for it! :-)


They also have some promos that you get the reward when you buy a certain dollar amount of products, and that is all tracked on your card for you! Could it get any easier than that?

There are a bunch of nice coupons available to load now, so head on over to get them! Some of them don’t stick around very long!

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  1. says

    Hi Kari, Thank you for posting about SavingStar. Just a quick note to let you know that Fred Meyer is not currently participating in SavingStar. If you type in your zip code, Fred Meyer will not appear. We’d love to have them work with us would encourage you to tell them you’d like them to join SavingStar. It always helps when stores hear from their customers! Also, you should be receiving emails every time the savings post to your account so you know exactly what you saved money on. You can also view My Account to see your savings history. Thanks again! Josh from SavingStar

    • says

      Thanks for the head’s up Josh! I am very disappointed that Fred Meyer is no longer participating in your program. I really like the variety of coupons you have to offer, and it is never fun to lose a savings opportunity at a store. I appreciate you taking the time to get us up to date! I will update our post with your information. Have a terrific day!

        • says

          LOL No worries Josh, I didn’t update the post because I went and checked my account and Fred Meyer was still there! Thanks for letting me know they are still there, I wasn’t sure! Have a great weekend!

  2. Debi says

    Thanks for posting this – I’ve signed up, but not really done much research, so I appreciate you saving me some time.

    • says

      That’s great that you signed up Tammy! It’s a terrific program! Thank you for the nice words! I love helping people save money however I can! :)

  3. Jennifer says

    I have been participating with saving star and so far I love it. I am finally ready to be rewarded. My question is do we know how safe it is to use the deposit to your bank account option? Are you aware of any good or bad scenarios? Thank you for any response I receive, I would like to use that reward but went to be careful.

    • says

      I am honestly not sure on that Jennifer, I have just gone the gift card route because I don’t like giving out my bank information to anyone. I have not heard of anyone having problems with this company, but I am leery with my bank accounts. I am sorry, I don’t have a real answer on that. I buy so much with paypal and amazon that I never really looked at the bank option. :)

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