Save Money on Clothing for the Family!

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Save Money on Clothing for the Family!

Having to spend money on kids clothes is kind of like watching money fly out the window for most parents. Kids are rough on clothes assuming they do a good enough job of not losing them or leaving them behind somewhere. For this and many other reasons, it is wise to try to save money on kids clothes at every possible juncture.

Here are some quick and easy tips that can save you money right now:

Shop online

Not being able to touch and feel clothes can be a disadvantage, but the fact is shopping online is simply too good to ignore any longer. When you use the power of the Internet to find bargains, you can “visit” hundreds of stores in a single weekend. Try doing that in the old SUV. It is simply great clothes at great prices if you do your homework. Make sure you verify every single store before purchasing and make certain it is a secure site.


Just like with your groceries, you can save money on clothes with coupons. People seem surprised when you mention that to them, but it is absolutely a real thing. Sometimes you can earn high percentages off with rewards programs from retailers or they send you emails with discounts in them! Make sure you sign up for the emails from your favorite retailers and wait for the coupons to start coming in!

Shop the clothing sales cycles

Stores put their clothes on sale generally one season behind. In other words, you can buy great winter clothes at the end of winter and great summer clothes as the summer months draw to a close. When you get these buying opportunities, it is vital that you stock up. Consider your kid and how big they will be in a year’s time. Guessing can burn you, but you can always donate clothes that don’t work out. The discounts are so deep at these sales that it is usually worth the risk.

Embrace the second hand clothing movement

When kids are young, wearing second hand clothes from the thrift store or a family member is no big deal at all. The fact is, you would be crazy to not take advantage of the incredible bargains to be had at most thrift stores. Often you can find items that are still tagged as brand new and they will cost a fraction of the original price. Consider this before blowing off the idea of second hand. They are wonderful clothes at wonderful prices if you are willing to take advantage of them. ThredUp is a great online shop for gently used clothing!

Do you have any secrets to saving big on clothes shopping for your kids?

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  1. Kimberly Frazee says

    I think that’s a great idea and was thinking about the same thing earlier today. I found a Coldwater Creek Coupon $25 off a $50 purchase. I was thrilled lol. Thanks for the tip and Im gona be on the look out now for them.

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