Painting Fun in the Tub! Great use for extra Shave Cream on hand!

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Looking for a fun (cheap) activity for the kids?! I don’t know about you but I have a bunch of bottles of shaving cream that I had gotten for next to nothing or even free and wasn’t sure just what I was going to do with them all.

One day my toddler got a hold of one of the bottles and managed to get the lid off and squeeze the gel out. Once I showed him how the gel turned into the cream, he loved playing in it. So I threw him in the bath and let him! After thinking about it for a little bit, I thought it would be fun to throw a little color in it, so found some Washable finger paints that worked perfect. So here’s all you need to let your little one paint in the shower.

-Paint brushes (or they could just use their fingers)
-Shaving gel/cream (I used Edge, but pretty much any would work)
-Washable Finger Paints
fingerpaint2.jpgFirst you put the gel in the bowl and then stir it up until it is nice and foamy. Once that is finished, just squeeze in however much color you want then mix it together.


And the bath paint is all ready to go!

In this instance, I only did two colors, but you could do more and let your child experiment with the colors and see what mixing colors make.  This is for sure a great way to entertain and let your kids be creative. I let my kids do it pretty often, and it is so easy to clean up. Just spray off your shower/bath tub and that’s it!

Right now if you don’t have the products needed, you might be able to find a good deal on the paint with all these after school sales plus we have Free Shave Gel at Walmart or Target through 9/30 and Free Shave Gel at Rite Aid through 9/28! You can also print this BOGO Edge Shave Gel Coupon and pick them up for only $1.22 at Walmart with the coupon!

That’s a great price for some fun with the kids!

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  1. Jessica Parent says

    Lol- Love it!! We have played with shaving cream for many years here however I never thought of a “good” way to add color to it (Food dye was out for obvious reasons ) My little guy will love this-never would’ve thought to use a dab of paint.Thanks so much

    • says

      Jessica, I hate to admit that it took me a couple attempts before I thought of using the finger paints too. lol I think I tried Kool-aid once? YIKES! Big mistake.

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