JCPenney “Button” Promotion! Win gift cards, merchandise or even a trip!

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JCPenney has a fun promtion now until Christmas Eve! Head into JCPenny and ask a cashier for a button! Then, enter the button code online at to see if you won! Good Luck everyone and let us know if you win!


  • While supplies last, a unique Promotion Code on a specially marked button distributed in participating jcpenney stores.
  • Limit two plays per day per person/authorized e-mail account holder/Facebook account holder. Ends at 11:59 p.m.
  • Request one via mail (hand-print your name, age, state of residence and e-mail address on a 3” x 5” piece of paper and mail it in a No. 10 business-sized envelope to jcp “merry christmas america” promotion, P.O. Box 510765, New Berlin, WI 53151 by 12/18/12);

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  1. Sandy Bansbach says

    I was informed that I had won a $10.00 fift certificate through the Christmas “button” Promotion and that it would be mailed to me in 48 hours. That was on Sunday, this is Wed, and I assume that I will receive it by mail today, correct?
    Sandy Bansbach

    • says

      Sandy, I “won” yesterday and filled out my info. I recieved it in my email today. The email was titled: Your jcp holiday certificate has arrived

      Maybe you can search that in your email?

  2. Catherine Filliben says

    The is the worst promotion I have ever seen. It is very difficult to find the site to enter the codes. I used it yesterday and now I can’t find it to use it today. It is a huge waste of time. You can’t read the code words to type them in. Whoever dreamed up this promotion should be fired…….. Very frustration to say the least.

    • says

      Catherine, I just updated the post with a link to the JCPenney promotion site. I hope that helps. I agree the codes are rather smalll and so are the buttons. Once you enter the codes, you should received and email indicating if you won. There have been several winners if you are up to trying it again. Sorry it was not going more smoothly for you. Let us know if you have any questions on the promotion and we can try to help. :)

  3. Paula S says

    This is one of the best promotions at holiday time and with a little patience, it is so easy to win. If you are using an AOL email, it may take a bit longer to receive the certificate because AOL is very busy all the time. I have won 70.00 since the promotion has begun.
    You can not combine the certificates when purchasing one item, however, you can use more than one a day if you purchase in different departments. Also each register you check out at will give you 2 free buttons so if you have numerous email addresses you can enter 2 per day under each one increasing your chances to win. Just one question…lol…why don’t I win like this at the casino??? Happy Holidays all!!!

    • Stephanie says

      Yes you can combine. It just needs to be the same amount. For example if you have 3$5 certificates then you can use them but if you have $10 and $5 you can not.

  4. Angel says

    Today on a whim i asked if i could Combine certificates the cashier told me Yes. But the $5’s and $10’s can’t be combined in one Transactions. But I could combine as many 5’s with 5’s or 10’s with 10’s as i want. Have you heard this can be done and can multiple certificates be used on 1 item?

    • says

      Angel, when I printed my certificate it says “one per transaction”. I have not tried to combine any. Looks like it might be up to your cashier. You must be doing well with this promotion if you have multiples! I’ve got $45 in certificates so far! I’m loving this promotion! :) Thanks and enjoy.

  5. Melba says

    Hi! I logged in with facebook to redeem my buttons, but so far I can’t find any type of acknowledgement that I even redeemed a button in the first place. Where am I suppossed to recieve the message that says if I have won or if I haven’t?

  6. Nikki says

    If I win a $10 e certificate, can I still use that with my employee discount? I don’t work at JCP, however my work place owns the Portrait studio in JCP and I have a discount card.

    • says

      Nikki, Read the fine print on your certificate and see if it says “can not be used with any other offer” or something like that. I would also asker your cashier. Glad you won! :)

  7. kirti says

    My simple question for you guys. that I entered each day two buttons from 12/06/12,
    12/07/12,and 12/08/12. each day i won one holiday certificate, they send me two certificates and one certificate on 12/08/12 was left. so can you able to send me that i am still waiting for that.

    • says

      Kirti, We are not affiliated with JCPenny. I am not able to send you a certificate. I would contact JCPenny customer service and let them know you did not get your certificate. Glad you got some winning buttons. :)

  8. Judy says

    I did not find the place to enter the button code. Please only answer my question on how to enter code and do not send me promotionals for Pennys. Also when I bought two gift cards the sales person had trouble with their computer. Hope my cards are activated with the correct amounts.

  9. nic says

    I’ve gone every day for buttons…some registers will give more than 2 a day. Between my small family, we have won almost $200 in $5 and $10 certificates! We have got so many things free! This promo is AMAZING

    I’ve gotten quite a few K Cups for $2, some mens sleep pants free, toys to go to toys for tots free, and tons of other things!

    They have been letting me stack certificates too.

    DEAL IDEA: Columbia Fleeces are $35, they are 30% off right now, then I used two $10 certificates = $5.00 for a Columbia Fleece!

  10. Rene says

    Is there a limit to how many buttons you can get from the store? I understand that you can only enter two a day but how many buttons are you allowed to get? And can you just walk into jcpenney for buttons?

    • Emily says

      After you put in your email address, it asks you to enter the 7 digit button code (on the back of the button on the sticker) I believe what you are referring to that requires two words is the captcha code beneath that, the two words you need to enter should be in that same box but may look kind of goofy or scrambled. They use captcha codes to make sure that you are a real human being and not some automated computer scamming the system. Hope this helps!

  11. Gabriela says

    This is a great promo. I have won almost $80 in certificates! Sometimes the emails go to spam so check that out if it hasn’t arrived in 3 days.

    • says

      Phyllis, per Emily’s comment above:
      The JCP website says that if your code has what looks like an “m” may actually be “r n” Hopefully this may help you out!

  12. Martha Lee says

    Directions on how to progress with this promotion are extremely poor. So therefore, I believe that it is intentional to deter anyone from even trying to play your silly games. Why don’t you just save your advertising monies and drop the price a couple pennies on each item. This new advertising manager that you have had for the last 2 years is NOT effective. The home catalogues tell you nothing about the products and you can’t decern the style, or fabric content as it is presented in such a “wrinkled” form. I just throw them away when they come in the mail.

    • Tina says

      Martha Lee, We are in no way affiliated with JCPenney. We are a money saving/Deals site and posted this promotion as a heads up for anyone wanting to participate in this promotion. Sorry to hear you are unhappy with JCPenney. I would encourage you to contact them directly at 1-800-322-1189 and provide them some feedback. I hope you get some resolution on these issues. :)

  13. Giselle says

    Hey, so I entered a code on Tuesday afternoon and it had said i won a $25 Gift card. So i claimed my Prize and Entered my information and Its been 3 days and i haven’t received an email or anything. i have previously won money on a button and have received my prize the day after in my email but this one hasn’t came. I am beginning to wonder if the gift cards come in the mail because it asks for your address. Can someone help me?

    • Tina says

      Giselle, I’ve only won the $10 and $5 savings certificates and they were emailed the next day. I would contact JCpenney and ask them (1-800-322-1189). I hope you get this worked out. A $25 GC is a great prize! :)

  14. denise day says

    I love this promotion I have won several times I myself have found it to be be very easy some of the codes are hard to read but if you get out a magnifier it’s no big deal I think some people just like to complain and arent happy if they cant find a problem with everything. so thanks jcp for the promotion and i hope you bring it back next year the haters can just skip it if they dont like it. and to answer the qusetion above check your junk email i have had a few that for some reason showed up in my junk box.

    • Tina says

      Denise, This promo has been great for some and discouraging for others? Personally, I LOVED it and hope they do have it again. Thanks for the tip on checking spam/junk mail. :)

  15. Dianne says

    I supposedly won a $10 and a $15 gift certificate and I never received them. This whole thing was obviously a hoax. Too bad…because this has solidified my new dislike for JCPenney. It is really sad because this used to be my favorite store…now I will never shop here again. :(

    • says

      Diane, this was not a hoax, many, many readers won these. They don’t come in the mail, they were emailed to everyone like the same day or the day after you won. I wonder if it went to your spam folder? They were emailed right away and they all had to be redeemed by December 31st. I only won one time, but did get it as they said I would. Sorry you had a bad experience. :(

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