HOT Money Maker Gift Card Promotion at Alberstons!

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included 2There is a HOT gift card promotion at Alberstons running though 12/3! Buy $100 worth select gift cards, receive a $20 OYNO Albertsons catalina (prints at check out)!

The gift cards shown as included are:

  • Mastercard ($5.95 activation fee)
  • Itunes
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Kohl’s
  • Applebees

We had a reader let us know what cards she found that worked, including AMAZON! If you are getting more than $100.00 worth of cards, make sure you do seperate transactions so you are only buying $100.00 at a time so the catalina will print!

gift card deal bobbie

Thank you, Bobbie for the picture and letting us know what cards are included!

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  1. Cindy says

    Would love to know if anyone has done this in Spokane and which store. So sites say you must use cash to buy the Mastercard.

    • says

      Cindy, I did the deal scenario that is described in the post today in Idaho. The cashier did not say anything about me using the Mastercard Credit Card to purchase another one.
      It has worked for several people and we do not see any exclutions listed. We hope you can pick up this deal. Worst case scenario, you make $14.05 (via $20 OYNO catalina) for purchasing the first Master Card and then use it anywhere Master Card can be used.
      *we did put YMMV in the post incase someone had trouble rolling the Master Cards. :)

  2. marlena says

    couldn’t you continue to roll this using the MC each time to buy a MC and receive the $20 cat until the last transaction when you buy other gift cards?

    • says

      Yes, Marlena. :) You can keep rolling it as long as you keep paying the $5.95 activation fee. You can also leave the store with the $100.00 Master Card, you don’t have to buy the other gift cards (however, you will lose out on that additional catalina) unless you were going to buy gift cards anyways. Hope the deal works great for you! I was able to roll a few gift cards and get some catalinas and I’m going to be able to help a family a few items for their Thanksgiving dinnerr.

      • marlena says

        I meant you don’t have to stop at the 3 transactions if you have use for more of the $20 cat, right? Either way after 2 transactions it is a MM?

        • says

          That is correct Marlena. However, we just had a reader report that Albertsons is not longer allowing you to “roll” the Master Card due to an email the received from coorperate. I’m going in to update the post.

  3. rashelle says

    I was thinking of buying a mastercard gift card and then my next transaction buying some amazon and kohls cards. since I have shopping to do at those stores anyway.
    On using the MasterCard to buy a MasterCard, I think that unless you are doing them back to back the store isn’t going to know for sure that you bought that MasterCard at Albertsons. A lot of stores do sell the prepaid MasterCards.
    Tina- did you go to cda or hayden?

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