Let’s Talk: Matchup Changes & Why They Happened

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Micah and Adam-Twin Moments

Good morning everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to address the changes in the matchups that we had to do this past week. I know we are all having a hard time adjusting to the new lists (myself included), so I wanted you to get a glimpse of why we had to make this change.

Basically, with these new lists, I now share matchups with other sites instead of having to do them ALL myself. While I had to give up control of the matchups and how well they are done, I had to make this change for my family.


I was doing matchups on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. That leaves one day a week I was not working on matchups. Plus we do regular posts every hour or more because we don’t want you to miss any chance to save.

While I can get help on the regular posts, I can’t on the matchups because they are are very, very time consuming to do and I can’t afford to pay someone to help me go through and make sure they were done correctly. I want to do everything we can to help you make the most of your money, but it was just becoming more than I could handle.

The problem is, spending all of those days doing matchups was taking away from my family in a big way.

So, we either had to change how we were doing matchups and share them with other bloggers to save us all time, or I was going to have to drop matchups ENTIRELY off the site. Matchups themselves take more hours a week to do than a regular part time job outside the home. Plus with the regular posts and the other stuff behind the scenes, I work on the site about 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I actually even considered shutting the site down entirely because I just can’t do it all.

I took that time away from my family for 2 1/2 years, and I need to focus less on matchups and more on my kids and husband. I MUST start putting my family first, so changing how we do matchups seemed like the only answer that would keep the site up and running and the matchups still there for you.

First things first, the bad side to these new matchups. Let’s get these out there first so we can talk about the good side.

 1. I no longer choose what the “best deals” in the lists are. So there may be more good deals in the lists than are marked. Also, there are no blue dollar signs to show the good deals, just ten red dollar signs to show the very best deals, which may not actually be the best deals to you (or me) so I would read the whole matchup or you could miss something!

2. Some lists are later than you are used to seeing them. On the flip side, some are earlier as well. As time passes, we will see a pattern as to when the matchups are coming out, so we can get used to the new schedule.

3. You voted to keep Walmart Unadvertised Deals as well as our local matchups that no other site covers. These matchups are not compatible with the new matchup format. This means that we are on two platforms now, so searching lists for a particular sale item (that is coming soon, I am working on getting that all set up) and printing lists can no longer happen between all lists on the site. Walmart UNADVERTISED, Super 1 Foods, Trading Company and Yoke’s will be on one platform for searching and printing, and the other stores will all be on another. While this is an inconvenience, the information is still there for you. The other option would have been that we drop those 4 stores and only use the matchups on the new platform, but you all voted to keep them despite them being split up.

4. Sometimes there are typos, coupons that don’t match, coupons from our region not even being in the list, or other coupons that you may not have. Some of these things happened in the old matchups as well, but now I can’t fix it myself. We won’t be able to change some things, like coupons will not be removed that some people have, even if you don’t because so many bloggers share the lists. But some things can be fixed like typos or coupons that are in your area but are not in the list. Also if a coupon doesn’t match up right, it can be removed. But I need to let someone else know about it so THEY can fix it. So if you see something that isn’t right or doesn’t match, feel free to email me at rakinginthesavings@gmail.com and I am more than happy to let them know about the issue. If there is one particular list that is having problems often, they will start paying more attention to that list, so that quits happening. We just have to work together instead of me doing it all.

While these are inconveniences, and we are all having an adjustment period right now, I truly hope that you will understand why I had to go this route.

While there are several negatives to the new lists, there are positives as well:

1. We can bring you more stores. We are adding Dollar Tree back in and we have also added Winco which has been a highly requested list. We will be doing a vote once we get through this transition phase to see what other stores you would like us to bring to the site!

2. With all the time I am saving by sharing matchups instead of going through them all myself, I not only get to see my family and be a mom again, I will have more time to find individual deals to match up with new coupons that come out! So you still have the matchups, but you will also get more posts of deals that I would not have had time to cover before.

3. We are going to have a cool new search feature! We will be able to search for any item that we are wanting to know where the best price is. Looking for oranges? Search who has the best price this week! Kids begging for fruit snacks? Search to see who has the best deal going on so you don’t pay more than you need to! I am working on getting that set up right now, and will hopefully be rolling that out for you in the next few days.

4. I will be able to go to the store more to watch for Unadvertised Deals in our area for you! The stores always have all kinds of amazing buys that are not in the ads! Doing all of those matchups does not leave me time to be able to just walk the stores and see what the deals are, now I will have more time to walk around and watch for those hidden buys!

I hope you can identify with why I had to make this change, and you will stick with us through it. The end result will be a better site with more deals to actually help you save even more, with me still having time to be the mom I need to be. Thank you so much for your support and understanding!

Check back often, we will have more deals than ever before! :)


Changes are Coming: Do You Want to Keep Super 1, Trading Co & Yoke’s Matchups + Walmart UNADVERTISED List? Vote Now!

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changes coming

Good morning everyone!

I am so excited to share with you that we have some really neat changes coming to the matchups starting with the ads that come out on Wednesday! We are changing our list format so we can not only bring you better matchups, we can bring you some new stores! We will talk more about the new stores tomorrow when you will get vote on what you want us to add for you (Winco anyone? 😉 )!

These new matchups are more up to date with the new coupons and are more thorough so you will never miss another deal! Plus it is much more streamlined so I will have time to bring you more of the best deals as they happen! It’s a win-win! :)

Instead of having color coded dollar signs like we have now, they will have stars that mark the Top Ten best deals in the matchup, so you will always know what the best deals are!

Best of all, these new lists will be searchable so if you are looking for who has the cheapest price on a particular item, you can just search and it will tell you everyone that has it on sale!

The downfall to these lists is that they are not compatible with our local stores. Meaning Super 1, Trading Company, and Yoke’s are not on the new system. They also do not have a Walmart UNADVERTISED List. 

So this is where I need you to vote. I can still bring you those matchups if you want them. They will just be on the old platform that we have been using and not the new one. So you will have two search boxes that you can search deals from those lists in one box and the other lists in another box. You will still be able to search all of the deals, just in two boxes. Also, you couldn’t print ONE list with the deals from EVERY store. You would need to print one list with the deals from those 4 stores and one list with the deals from the other stores. But you can still print the lists like you always have.

So basically all the deals would still be covered for you, they will just be on two separate platforms instead of all in one. Or we can just drop those stores and only cover the national stores that are on the new platform. 

The fun part is that you get to choose what we do! Vote now so we know if you want us to keep your local stores!

Please get your votes in by Sunday night if you want to save these stores and go to the new platform so we can see if we will be covering these stores for you on Wednesday!

Thank you all so much! You are going to LOVE this new search feature on the lists, I can’t wait to get it all rolled out for you! :)

Coupons.Com NEW Link **Easy to update Zip Codes**

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We are so excited to have added a new EASY way to access coupons.com and update the zip codes! We updated our coupon drop down with the link so you can find the coupons.com coupons you want with one click! Here is a screen shot to show you where we added the direct link. (See the red arrow below): 
coupons.com 3


Once you click on the coupons.com section on the navigation bar, you will be linked right to the coupons.com page where you can easily update the zip code and find those HOT coupons! It is also much easier to scroll through the coupons!

*You can also bookmark this LINK for quick access to the coupon printing page! We love this new format and wanted to share right away since some readers let us know changing zips was not always working for them. Enjoy and happy printing!

Below is how the new format looks!

coupons.com zip code

New Feature! We Have a Searchable Coupon Database For You!

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We are so excited to have a new feature to share with you here on Raking In The Savings! We have a New Searchable Coupon Database! If you see something in the ad that you thought we had a coupon for but you aren’t sure, you can now do a quick search for it, and the database will pull it up for you!

For instance, if you were looking for coupons for Nature Valley Granola Bars, you would just type Nature Valley into the Search Bar, and it will show you all available coupons in the database!

(The real version is  much bigger and easier to read than this, it just wouldn’t fit in the post, so I had to downsize for you to see it in here!)

It will even list Peelie Coupons, Blinkie Coupons, Printable Coupons, and other miscellaneous coupons that are out there! To find it just go to the COUPONS Dropdown menu on the navigation bar, and it will be your first choice you will see (pictured at top of post). Just click on that, and you are in!

If you have any questions on how to use the database, we are more than happy to help! We hope you enjoy this fun new feature to our site! :-)

New Coupon Policy at Fred Meyer! You Will Want to Read This!

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I first published this post back in October when Fred Meyer put their new coupon policy into place. To this point, there has not been much actual enforcement of that policy. I thought it was just in place as a safety net, so they have something to fall back on when someone tries to buy a large amount of one product.

In light of one of our readers having an unpleasant experience last night at Fred Meyer, I would like to make sure that everyone is aware of the policy. It looks like some stores have in fact begun enforcing this, at any more than 5 items.

This first part is what the original post was.

Fred Meyer has just released a new coupon policy. There are some new rules that everyone should be aware of!

Fred Meyer will now limit no more than 5 paper manufacturer coupons for the same product.

Only 2 Internet Coupons per manufacturer, per customer, per day will be accepted.

They do not accept Competitor’s Coupons.  They will however take a catalina coupon that has a different store’s logo on it, as they will get reimbursement from the manufacturer for it.

To read the whole policy, head on over here. You might want to print a copy for your records so you remember to plan your shopping trips around the new rules.

Now I will touch on the current issue our reader experienced in the store last night.

We have had some questions on how to approach this policy with the Buy 10 Promos Fred Meyer has been running. It gets a bit complicated if they are asking you to buy 10 items, but they will only allow you to use 5 coupons per product.

In this case, if you want to buy 10 boxes of Grapenuts Cereal, you can buy 10 boxes. However you will only be able to use 5 of your coupons. You will not be able to use a coupon on each product, which is of course, hard for us couponers. Many of us strive to not buy anything if we do not have a coupon for it.

Here is how it would look:
Buy 10 Grapenuts, $1.99 each (Included in mix and match Buy 10 Promo)
-(5)$1.00/5 Grapenuts MF Coupon from the 1/15 SS
Final Price: 5 boxes for $.99 each, 5 boxes for $1.99 each

Or you could do this Buy 10 promo situation:

Buy 5 Grapenuts, $1.99 (Included in mix and match Buy 10 Promo)
Buy 5 Shredded Wheat, $1.99 (Included in mix and match Buy 10 Promo)
-(5) $1.00/5 Grapenuts MF Coupon from the 1/15 SS
And -(5) $1.00/5 Shredded Wheat MF Coupon from the 1/15 SS
Final Price: All 10 boxes for $.99 each!

Now let’s pretend these were Printable Coupons, and not from the newspapers, because they have rules on those too.
Here is the printable coupon rule again:
“Only two Internet coupons per manufacturer, per Customer, per day will be accepted.”

Buy 5 Post Grapenuts, $1.99 (Included in mix and match Buy 10 Promo)
Buy 5 Post Shredded Wheat, $1.99 (Included in mix and match Buy 10 Promo)
-(2) $1.00/1 Printable Coupons for the Grapenuts (Not really available-for example only)
Final Price: 2 boxes for $.99, 8 boxes for $1.99 each!

Since these are both manufactured by Post, we can only use TWO Printable Coupons from that company PER DAY!

Even if we were to buy products from separate manufacturers, we would still pay way more OOP using printable coupons.

5 Post Grapenuts, $1.99 (Included in mix and match Buy 10 Promo)
5 Frito Lay Naturals, $1.99 (Included in mix and match Buy 10 Promo)
-(2) $1.00/1 Grapenuts Printable Coupon (Not really available-for example only)
-(2) $1.00/1 Frito Lay Printable Coupon (Not really available-for example only)
Final Price: 2 Grapenuts for $.99, 3 Grapenuts for $1.99, 2 Frito Lay for $.99, 3 Frito Lay for $1.99.

Suddenly price-matching at Walmart seems like a much simpler way to go!

WELCOME to our New Readers!

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We want to welcome our new readers!

Some of you, might be new to the concept of couponing! You are probably asking yourself, “Is it really worth the time to print those coupons to save $.50 or a $1.00″? ……. The answer is “YES”! I have cut my grocery budget more than HALF! I was happy to discover there are coupons for produce, dairy, paper products, toys, vitamins, it is endless! Coupons are not just for junk food and processed foods.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • We post coupons that are Rare, High Value, New or have Limited Prints. If you see a coupon that interests you, print it!  Coupons are running out of prints sooner since more people are using them!
  • If you are a “beginner”, get a small coupon holder and file them by Brand Name. (that seems easiest to find them when the right sale comes up)
  • WAIT to use your coupons until there is a SALE to match it with! We post the weekly sales and match up the coupons for you! Matching high value coupons with Sales is when you save BIG.
  • If the right sale does not present itself, don’t use the coupon (unless it is an item you can’ t live without)! 
  • Get the Sunday Paper or let your friends and neighbors know you would love to have any extra coupon inserts!
  • Ask questions, we are here to help!
  • You will be amazed how much you can save! :)

Sign up for our daily digest email  and get ONE daily email listing the deals from that day! Or, check out  www.rakinginthesavings.com. You can also find us on  Facebook,  where you can get our news feed and can see the deals!

We also post online deals, money saving tips and local events!

Welcome aboard!


The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.


I wanted to share how I organize my coupons~

These file boxes work so well! I have one for each month. I bought these several years ago for holding crafts items and playdough…..then realized they would work well for my coupons!

Ok, the piece of furniture to accommodate them might seems a little over the top but it has really helped keep our kitchen table cleared off! That was a nice craigslist find! I have two baskets on the shelf. One for the weekly ads and one for coupon booklets.

For the most part, I DO NOT CLIP my coupons.  I just file the whole inserts by date and clip as needed.  I realize, I might miss out on a few clearance deals here and there! With four little ones, I don’t seem to get much clipping done!  I use 2 small files (pictured above) that fold up nicely and fit in my diaper bag. I bought these at Staples and spent a little extra since they actually have POCKETS and not just divided sections.  I file my IP prints, home mailers, blinkies and the HOT coupons I have clipped (alphabetically by BRAND name).  It makes is easier to find them fast!

Once a month, I sort through these small files and discard expired ones. In my “free time”, I flip through a few of my oldest whole INSERTS in the file folder boxes to see if they are all expired.  If there are just one or two coupons left, I clip and file those!
Now, when it is time to go SHOPPING! Here is what I do:
After planning my shopping trip, I file coupons for each store in this CUTE organizer I ordered from Glow Girl Fibers (LOVE IT and get many compliments)! I stapled a little business card holder on each store tab to hold my rewards cards.  I always have this in my purse!

 I have three envelopes in the front for:

  • Freebie coupons!
  • Items to check trial section (no size restrictions)!
  • Overage coupons!

This organizer has a little elastic strap to keep it closed.

There are so many ways to organize your coupons! I’ve tried the binder and just don’t seem to find the time to get any coupons put into it.  I always plan my shops carefully and usually ONLY buy what I planned to buy (unless it is the deal of the century). Making sure to ALWAYS get rainchecks if items are out of stock and PUT THEM IN A SAFE PLACE!

A few more things~

  • I do have a small 1″ binder I use to hold my coupons when going doubler shopping at Albertsons. When planning my doubler shops, I file my coupons I want to double, in this folder.  This works well since you never know what items will be in stock and I always need to price a few items to see if I can get a good deal!
  • Make sure you put your name somewhere on your binder, file box or whatever system you use! I once left my binder behind and went into panic mode! LOL
  • I realize this seems like a lot of work! I’m not exactly sure what my grocery budget was before my coupon adventures began!   I do know I used to spend $200.00- $300.00 each trip to Walmart! Now, I have a wonderful stockpile and only shop when items are STOCK UP price! HUGE savings! It is worth it for us! The great part about it is, you can do as much or as little as you’d like!

Got any great tips? Would love to hear them!

Tina 8)