Coupon Basics: The Beginner’s Guide To Coupons!

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First Things First:

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Look at shopping for your family in  a whole new way!

When you are shopping with coupons, the key to getting extreme savings is to stock up when the prices are low! You will no longer run to the store several times a week to grab that one ingredient you need to make dinner that you don’t have on hand! You will shop ahead for what you need when that item is cheap, and have enough on hand to make your meals until that item is cheap (or Free) again!

This is the key to saving up to 50-90% on your groceries! You will never have to run out to buy that $3.00 jar of spaghetti sauce, because you have a shelf full of them that you paid $1.00 or even less for!

You will be at the store quite often at first, while you are building up your stockpile. You need to get in on the sales, match up your coupons with those sales, and stock up enough to get you by until the sale comes along again! It is best to pick a few stores that you can get very comfortable shopping at, or you could get too caught up in chasing the deals, and get burnt out, fast!

We will tell you each week which store has what items on sale to match up with all the coupons you will be getting! Be sure to check back often for any updates throughout the week on hot buys that pop up!

With four easy steps,  you will be ready to start Raking In The Savings!

Step One: Where in the world do we get all those Coupons?