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Hi! My name is Kari. I started Raking In The Savings to help other people learn how much fun it can be to save money! My husband and I have 3 boys. A 17 year old and 6-year old twins! One of our twins was diagnosed as having food intolerances to wheat and dairy, and he doesn’t do well with sugar, so we had to make a drastic change in his diet so he would start to feel better. Needless to say, all the specialty food we buy for him is pretty expensive! Between buying specialty food for him, and feeding a hungry teenage boy, not to mention the rest of us had to eat too, I realized I needed to start cutting costs!

That’s when I fell in love with the coupon life! I started slowly building a stockpile of food that I could get for free or close to it, as well as building up a huge supply of everyday household items. The savings started adding up, and I reached the point that I was far enough ahead that I no longer had to pay retail price for anything! I shopped from my own pantry, then re-stocked when the price was right. Well, I still had to pay retail price for our little guy’s specialty food, his food is about 70% of our total food budget for all 5 of us! I have been able to cut the cost of our food so much that I can afford to buy the food he needs, which is what my goal was when I first started my coupon adventure!

I asked my savvy coupon friend Shannan to come help get the deals out there for you! She is such an awesome couponer, she even teaches all of our coupon classes!

We update the site throughout the day to show you ideas you can use to save money around the house, as well as tips to get the most out of your money! We will show you how to utilize coupons and sales at the grocery and drug stores to buy items at their lowest possible cost! We are doing this coupon blog to show other people how easy it can be to save money once you learn the tricks. We will show you the best deals, and where to get them, as well as when the price is a really good price so you know when it’s time to stock up! Anyone who is looking to build a stockpile for a rainy day, or just to cut costs in general will find a lot of good information on this site to help them save money while stocking up on the things they need! The first time you have people behind you in line at the grocery store craning their neck to see how much you save because your bill keeps going down and down, you will be addicted to saving money too! We hope you will join us on this great adventure to learn “How to Save, While Stocking Up”!


  1. April says

    I am so glad that I found you! We just moved to North Idaho and are making less income. Trying to learn to feed our family of 6 on less. Just beginning. Thank you so much!

    • says

      Hi April! I’m so glad you found us! You can email me anytime at rakingingthesavings at gmail dot com if you have any questions! :) I’m more than happy to help you out however I can!

  2. Allikatt says

    Hi, just found you by Google. I was looking for a coupon blog specific to Fred Meyers and not just a general Kroger blog. I’m near Portland Oregon. Looking forward to receiving your emails!


    • says

      I’m glad you found us Alli! Fred Meyer is one of my favorite places to shop! They have some amazing buys this week including Free Brawny Paper Towels! I hope you find some great deals with us!

  3. Debbie T says

    Kari, I am stopping couponing for now. I have alot of inserts all the way back to June 2014 to the present. If you know some one who would like to have them. have them contact me at my email.

  4. Lilly says

    So glad to have found you! I was a devout, daily follower of another website that has decided to forgo the store/coupon matchups and I about had a panic attack! I was SO excited to see that you guys still provide that service. I will no doubt become a devout, daily follower of you guys! Thank you SO MUCH!

    • says

      Hi Lilly! I’m glad you are here! It was so wonderful that they put in that post that you can find matchups here and didn’t just leave people with no options after their change. We are all about coupons here!! We even just started covering the Intermountain Albertsons ad for anyone who might be down in Southern Idaho! I think they are still trying to help their readers save even if it means they send them to another site for the matchups themselves since so many people are looking for other ways to save than “couponing” now sadly. I’m so excited that we will be able to bring those matchups and coupon deals to help you save your hard-earned money while they help you save in other ways! :)

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