No $0.58 Planters Sunflower Kernels at Walmart!

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We made a mistake in this post. The picture shows the sunflower kernels as being 7.25 oz. It has been brought to  my attention that the jar is 5.85 oz so the coupon is not valid on the product unless your store has the 7.25 oz jars. It was an honest mistake and we looked at the size in the picture before we posted the deal. Sorry for the mistake.

Here’s a sweet deal you can pick up the next time you are at Wally World….Aka Walmart. There is a $1/1 Planters Jar, Canister, Bag, or Multipack (6 oz-16 oz), exp. 4/30/2013 in today’s Smart Source that will let you pick up some Planters for cheap! Remember that prices may vary at each Walmart store.

Planters Sunflower Kernels 7.25 oz, $1.58
-$1/1 Planters Jar, Canister, Bag, or Multipack (6 oz-16 oz), exp. 4/30/2013 (SS 01/27/13)
Final Price: $0.58

Don’t forget to pick up your Free Duncan Hines Flavor Packet while you are there!


Thanks Wally Woman World for the deal and pic

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  1. CC ISME says

    I am fed up beyond belief with the coupon bloggers who feel they don’t have to verify what they are posting. The simply take it from another site and put it on theirs. We couponers are going by what we see here, taking it to be the truth, esp if we’re in a hurry. But now that can never be done because I am through being treated as though I’m a criminal because I did one of the deals here that should NOT be on here. (Unless you’re promoting coupon fraud that is!!) I will coupon nothing without verifying it’s Fact by researching myself. TAKE OFF the Planters Sunflower Seeds. Look at the Size restriction on the coupon. Look at the Size on the bottle. Do you see something wrong there?? The coupon is for 6 ounces – 16 ounces. The Sunflower Seeds are 5.85 ounces. Therefore you can NOT use this coupon on those!!!

    You don’t even have to go to the store to check it! Put planters sunflowers walmart in the google search box. One of the first ones at the top is this:

    Planters Dry Roasted Sunflower Kernels, 5.85 oz: Produce : Walmart ……Sunflower…/20434301ShareShop Low Prices on: Planters Dry Roasted Sunflower Kernels, 5.85 oz : Produce.

    You’re earning your money from advertisers/manufacturer/samples etc… . DO YOU JOB RIGHT!!!

    • says

      The picture in this post shows a 7.25 oz jar from what I can tell. We actually picked up this post from another blogger who posted it as a 7.25 oz jar. I did not have one here to look at and I see now that it is 5.85 oz, and you are right. There are such things as an honest mistake, and I think you are being very rude. I am updating this post to reflect that we made a mistake, but I did attempt to verify and the tag on the picture looks as if it says it’s a 7.25 oz jar. I think you could have pointed out what is an honest mistake in a much nicer way.

  2. Debbie says

    Wow CC I am floored with the way you addressed this! I can’t believe how rude you were to Kari! I don’t believe she was in the wrong at all, you can google all you want on walmart and sunflower seeds, but they are not going to have on there EVERYTHING in the store. It varies per store! If you google the 7.25 oz though, you will see that Planters DOES make a jar of sunflower seeds that size, and so this deal is legit!! Some stores might not carry this size and yours may be one of them, but attacking Kari the way you did is wrong. She has never promoted coupon fraud in any way, and has always been very careful with what she posts’. If you are fed up, then stop couponing, stop looking at blogs who are trying to help you! If Kari looses you as a reader, then good for her because she doesn’t need or deserve to be treated like this by anyone!!

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